co: together with others

nui: Hawaiian for great

Connecting companies with innovators.

Innovation platforms are mediators between organizations and external innovators. They provide the enabling environment for organizations to collaborate with customers, startups, crowds or other partners.


Our programs connect companies with innovators – from idea to product.

48 hours – From idea to prototype

The InnoDays connect companies and students to foster innovation and entrepreneurship. During 48 hours participants pitch ideas and prototype innovative solutions.

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3 months – From idea to MVP

InnoSchool connects companies with digital talent. For 3-months product managers, UX designers and software engineers collaborate to create products in a lean way.

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3-12 months – From idea to product

InnoLab helps companies develop solutions for their innovation challenge by empowering employees and external talent to build and test ideas.

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We share insights on how to design innovation platforms to connect organizations with external innovators.

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